Bias, Subjective, and Misleading Media Remarks 

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The mass media can really shape our society. More-so than many people think.


The mass media decides which news stories to show you. 

Political Influence

The selectivity of news and how mass media shares the news can affect people's political beliefs

Freedom of Press

Criticizing the press for being bias and misleading is not attacking freedom of press. Wanting fair and honest reporting actually makes for a better democratic society. 


Every news host and journalist has a bias. It is human nature. But with the important role of telling the news comes with the great responsibility to make sure you give the facts to the American people and to avoid saying assumed/subjective thoughts. Remember, there is always two sides to the story. Newspeople need to keep that in mind, when reporting.

EXAMPLE: MSNBC host shows what he believes are racist remarks from the President of the United States

Saying that Europe is losing their culture makes you a racist and supporter of white supremacy? Note: He never mentioned anything about race. Every nation/society has a distinct culture than others.  

Being against players kneeling during the National Anthem makes you racist? Note: Many see anthem as a time to give our respects to the fallen soldiers and the past/current military members of all race.

Criticizing the Puerto Rican government's response to the hurricane makes you racist? note: He criticizes other countries who are predominantly white. 

Calling a politician Pocahontas(who is one of the most famous Native Americans) makes you racist? Note: Senator Warren faked her ethnicity of being a Native American, which is why Trump labeled her that name.

Calling countries in Africa sh**hole countries makes you racist? note: He is talking about impoverished countries and NOT the people.

Calling Maxime Waters, a black women in the US Congress, low-iq makes you racist? Note: he has called white congresspeople low-iq as well.

These questions asked are to try to make you see that every issue or event has different viewpoints and opinions. I am not trying to tell you how to think about this example, but for you to expand your political brain into one that keeps an open mind to better understand how politics in America works and why every issue has two sides to it. Next time you come across someone's opinion, do not just simply agree with the statement, but go and research and hear other arguments about that issue/event and come to your OWN conclusions. And if you do not agree, ask them why they hold that position because you may find out something that you did not know before. God Bless!